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From Idea To Impact


From Idea To Impact

Our God given ideas are channels to communicate the fullness of Christ to our world and have Christ formed in them. The much of him we communicate over time depends on the much of him we imbibe progressively.

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12grid1: Leaving Your Mark In The Sand Of Time 

Leaving your mark in the sand of time is not an end and a project on its own. Walking through a path you are equipped for towards the ‘cross’ set before you will leave a mark; your ‘shoe’ is designed for such surfaces.

12grid2: Colorful Impact

For anyone who has decided to belong to Christ’s circle, he/she must be identified and described by the circle’s color. You need to place Christ before you constantly to be able to show your color, which is Christ.

11grid3: Real You, Real Impact

As you allow the influence of the Holy Spirit, your spirit unfolds the data it was programmed with and for. Gradually, your thoughts begin to melt into the Holy Spirit’s thoughts about you, which bring the Holy Spirit intended impact on people.

12grid4: Influencing People

Influence often attains the depth in the influenced as in the influencer. To influence others is to be our best and not just do. We will only become our best via our relationship with Christ since our real person is hidden in Christ.

12grid5: The Goal Of Impact

Our goal is to ensure others too are into this journey of living for Christ so that they can be assured of sharing in his glory. We communicate this message of perfection using all the wisdom God has given us.

12grid6: The Audiences To Impact

You must use all the wisdom God gives you to present everyone in and beyond your natural community perfect in their relationship with Christ. Consider doing a work that outlives your generation.

12grid7: Measuring Progress

Some measure progress with money, fame and the duration of being with and in a vision. In measuring your progress, your compliance level to what God has shown you would be a true test.

12grid8: Reaching Your Peak

While there are generally accepted peaks in life, it is expedient to say that they are not your peak. When you grow your root, as you should, you will reach your peak. Taking root is doing everything you should do.

12grid9: Sustaining Your Impact

When men loose God’s influence on their lives, they lose their savor and in turn lose their influence in their world. In the secret place, God shares his nature with us, driving his quality into us.

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20th Word

“They said a child acts foolishly, his mother says it doesn’t matter as long as he is alive. What kills faster than foolishness?”

Let me tell you a short story. My close friend who topped our class all through senior secondary school was a Muslim. While we shared the awards almost evenly, he comes out overall best, always. I felt insulted. How can I be in a class, and a Muslim will be the overall best. I spied on him and discovered his secrets. At least I thought I did. He writes a few Arabic words on the first page of all his scripts.

So I decided to write IJN, an acronym I chose for In Jesus Name on all my scripts. Nothing beats the name of Jesus, I said to myself. That year, not only did Tope come out as overall best again, he beat me to awards that I used to collect and added that to his collection.

Tope knew how to answer questions better. He was obviously smarter. He studied more than I did. He was more detailed than I was. In almost everything as a student, he put in more efforts than the rest of us. I hoped to be better just because I wrote IJN on my scripts. I was wrong.

Wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom. In all thy getting, get understanding.

In this our 20th issue, let’s take a look at how we can fit into God’s plans wisely. We can’t be foolish.

Welcome again. This is grenepages!


Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 20 here

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Read this- Issue 20

issue 20

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Conviction Management


Conviction Management

You make choices out of the options before you based on your convictions. There will always be a way that seems right but your convictions will help you see through and avoid such seemingly right paths but are not right in the real sense. These convictions are rooted in your spirit.

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11grid1: Developing Convictions

With time, you subtly and subconsciously begin to think, talk and act like your companions. A consistent and healthy walk with God whereby his thoughts displaces your thoughts generates convictions in you.

11grid2: Validating Convictions

Any conviction you have should conform to the Scripture in context, character and goal. Such convictions should make you more like God and ultimately proven by time.

11grid3: Communicating Convictions

You must rely on the Spirit to do the work rather than your oratory, gestures and choice of words. Your audience also needs to be in that same realm; else, communication is lost in transition.

11grid4: Seeing Convictions Through

Tell less to people about what you think God want you to do with your life and let the unfolding events do the talking. You must learn to give answers to those who inquire and respond appropriately to wise counsel.

11grid5: Strengthening Convictions

You will always have options of abandoning your convictions and doing something else. The more you pray the more your conviction is strengthened to carry on despite the internal and external resistance.

11grid6: Remaining In Your Convictions

Many have dropped their convictions, even the God-given ones because they stayed away from their source. To remain convinced you need to keep hearing and listening to that which convinced you.

11grid7: Finding Happiness In Your Convictions

People’s opinions might give you a mixed feeling. Be more concerned and satisfied that you are pleasing God, which produces joy- the true and ultimate happiness in you.

11grid8: Handling People’s Expectations

Correct expectations could keep you on track and help you to examine repeatedly your pursuit when not correct. Your priority should be to please God, as you would be susceptible to error when you weigh expectations on personality basis.

11grid9: Responding To People’s Convictions

Though there is room for confirmation in the body, remain conscious of the fact that you are not the headquarters of God. Respond to other people’s convictions in love, as you would like others to respond to yours.

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19th Word

Lives change when they meet Jesus. Many testify to this in the scriptures and around us. People tell us, “Oh, I gave my life to Jesus” and we always wish there was a spiritometer to check the genuineness of their claims. Sometimes, we rejoice with them, but in our minds, we say, “Lord let it be true!”

Saul, whose name later changed to Paul came to the same Christians he had spent his life persecuting. “I am born again. I am now one of you.” You don’t want to go near Saul to find out if he was being sincere or not. You would wish there was a spiritometer.

There is a spiritometer actually. Matthew 7:16 helps us through: “You shall know them by their fruits…”

This edition of grenepages “fruits of righteousness” serves as a guide for us to check ourselves first even before any attempt to check others. Compare your fruits to what you profess.

What kind of fruits am I producing?

Welcome to grenepages. It’s always a pleasure to have you here.

Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 19 here

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Available- Issue 19

issue 19

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New! Issue 18

issue 18

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18th Word

I am right here on earth, but I can feel heaven’s presence. I can be here, right here on earth but I live like a king, a son of the Most High.

Yes, the world may be full of corruption, but I have been re-born to live a life of RIGHTEOUSNESS; a life of GLORY. There are outbreaks of diseases here and there, but I AM HEALED. I live above diseases and sicknesses.

Nothing compares to this way of life. I will PAY THE PRICE,  look beyond THE ROAD, to lay hold of MY GOLD, which is laid up for me, not just when I get there, but here right now, as laid up by my father.

In this edition of grenepages, we testify of THE JOY OF SEPARATION as we experience HEAVEN OF EARTH.

Come join us…

Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 18 here

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Excellence In Christian Writing

At times, excellence in writing is taken for granted. This study raises the consciousness of aiming to write without flaws with hints on how to achieve such.

  • Mediocrity is not synonymous with spirituality
  • There are many things that makes up a writing
  • Maximize the means of attaining excellence

Excellence In Christian Writing is attainable

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