New! Issue 18

issue 18

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18th Word

I am right here on earth, but I can feel heaven’s presence. I can be here, right here on earth but I live like a king, a son of the Most High.

Yes, the world may be full of corruption, but I have been re-born to live a life of RIGHTEOUSNESS; a life of GLORY. There are outbreaks of diseases here and there, but I AM HEALED. I live above diseases and sicknesses.

Nothing compares to this way of life. I will PAY THE PRICE,  look beyond THE ROAD, to lay hold of MY GOLD, which is laid up for me, not just when I get there, but here right now, as laid up by my father.

In this edition of grenepages, we testify of THE JOY OF SEPARATION as we experience HEAVEN OF EARTH.

Come join us…

Tobi Olowookere


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Excellence In Christian Writing

At times, excellence in writing is taken for granted. This study raises the consciousness of aiming to write without flaws with hints on how to achieve such.

  • Mediocrity is not synonymous with spirituality
  • There are many things that makes up a writing
  • Maximize the means of attaining excellence

Excellence In Christian Writing is attainable

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The Idea Manager


The Idea Manager

The person with the idea is central to every idea hence his/her orientation, training and exposure would influence the expression of the idea.

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10grid1: The Mode

We are part of a kingdom. The idea given to us by God are from God and for God. Empire building is making yourself the king of your part. Kingdom building is doing your part for the king.

10grid2: The Manner

When my idea intersect with you or/and yours, it is not about making a name with you as a capital but simply playing my part to enhance the domain of our king.

10grid3: The Motivation

Although, fame, money, material gains and the likes might come with time, never make them your pursuit and motivation. Let faithfulness to the owner of the idea drive you and not profit.

10grid4: The Means: Career

The idea manager permitted to grow a career by God should understand that he/she is not working for the money. The career is just a tool in realizing the idea.

10grid5: The Means: Career Choice

Some choose or are in a career because of their family, gifts, opportunities, rewards and the likes. So many are in career paths they do not necessarily like but has the benefit of meeting their needs.

10grid6: The Means: Funding

Deviating in the fund raising for the idea changes the idea as the funding is part of the idea. In getting round the issue of funding, always remember God’s idea is funded by your obedience to the owner.

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Hatching Ideas


Hatching Ideas

The dynamics involved in forming new ideas and the making of (new) idea managers from the perspective of the guide and advisor.

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9grid1: Sit: Take Position

In helping people, most especially your staff leveraging with you and yours to hatch their ideas, you need to take your position with respect to their lives and ideas.

9grid2: Hatch After Your Kind

In one way or another, you and your idea will be reproduced in the ideas and the idea managers that are hatched through you.

9grid3: Create The Environment

You need to make the environment fit for each prospective idea for proper hatching. The suitable environment being created would have you as the thermostat.

9grid4: Duration

Idea hatching in the real sense could not be time framed. In incubating and leveraging, there is no need for comparison, as the time measuring mechanism is whenever the hatching is done.

9grid5: Sit With Patience

It is true that some might take longer than you expect or planned for, nevertheless, you need to play your role with patience.

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Idea Leveraging


Idea Leveraging

In working together, it is expedient to understand the approach of investing in ideas and people towards amplifying the expression of all parties.

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8grid1: The Need For Leveraging

People know they have some strength but cannot interpret in their heart what can be done with such strengths. Leveraging helps people to see how they can use their strengths for the kingdom.

8grid2: Terms And Conditions

The bane of many leveraging arrangement is failure to define the terms. From time to time, changes based on growing such individuals should be well spelt out.

8grid3: Understanding The Capital

Via God’s dealings, some people would seek out or locate an individual, group or/and idea where they can join and offer themselves for service.

8grid4; Accommodate Their Style

Strengths are attached to persons. The strength and idea to be leveraged is packaged inside a person, the personality of which will color the strength and idea to be tapped.

8grid5: Faithful Dealings

Both parties must remain focused on what they are in and refuse to be distracted. Even in the discovery of new benefits of such relationships, the leveraging part should not be discarded.

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Staffing Your Idea


Staffing Your Idea

Since people are needed for the expression of every idea, the management of these people must be optimized for the fulfillment of the idea.

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7grid1: The Need To Staff

Though you might be forced to acquire new knowledge and skill to meet up with the expectation of the idea, you will still not be able to learn all as new area emerges as the idea grows.

7grid2: Recruiting

Neither you nor the recruitment board can determine the right person to bring into your idea. Since your idea has a spiritual dimension, staffing must also be spiritual.

7grid3: The Organogram

As more people are joined to your idea, the need for order becomes obvious. They need to see their respective tasks towards the idea as divine and part of their God given assignment.

7grid4: Disengagement

Let everybody own the idea so that at the departure of some, others can push on the idea through their well-directed commitment to the idea rather than to people.

7grid5: Staff Support

You pay for specified services rendered, though some might offer them to you/your idea at less or zero cost. You pay for some of these services through your relationships but care should be taken not to abuse such.

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Published -Issue 17

issue 17

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17th Word

Remember Samuel: the guy whom God called over and over, yet didn’t know who was calling? It was not just that he did not know who was calling; he took him to be someone else. Thank God for Eli’s direction.

Remember the Spirit saying after He had spoken: “he that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying?” It was not a question of “if He would speak,” but if those He had spoken to, would hear.

How long has God been trying to reach you and you have been offline?

When you stay online, God will make you, use you for others and prove his might in your life.

Calling your attention again in this edition of grenepages to some of the issues God wants to discuss with you. Do you have some time? Come online!

This is our 17th issue. Once again, welcome!

Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 17 here

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Moving Forward With Your Idea


Moving Forward With Your Idea

The idea manager should have healthy attitude in order to make timely progress towards the attainment of the vision.

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6grid1: Not Looking Backward

To look at the rear, you need to turn which demands you stopping or slowing down in your forward movement.

6grid2: Not Looking Sideways

Though it is possible to be educated by taking note of your environment, it could serve as an albatross if not well managed.

6grid3: Not Looking Downward

Looking downwards is counterproductive. When you walk on the streets looking down continuously, chances are high that you will bump into people and objects.

6grid4: Not Looking Upward

The surrounding conditions that might seemingly influence your idea are not static as they vary with time.

6grid5: The Need To Look Forward

There is a wrong and unnecessary demand on the time, health, relationship of your team members when involved in things outside the vision, which they are recruited for or volunteered for.

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