8th Word

Many on earth today are unable to answer the simple question; “Who are you?” When asked, they simply mention their names. The question is not “What is your name?” It is “Who are you?” So you dear reader, “Who are you?”
You would wonder if it is possible for a man to live a whole life without even knowing who he really is. Unfortunately, it happens. Man goes about doing everything possible to be like someone else. Trying to be who he is not, moving farther away from who he really is, experiencing the frustration of not becoming who he wants to be, every day.
This edition of grenepages is aimed at helping you unveil the real you; getting to become exactly who you were born to be.
Sit down, THINK, better still, RETHINK YOUR THINKING, ask yourself: “WHO AM I?” Never think you are not so BLESSED. Maybe all along you’ve been a PRINCE ON FOOT. MURMUR YE NOT, take the necessary steps and learn LIFE LESSONS to become the real you who has been sitting quietly on the inside of you. Be THAT TYPE OF CHRISTIAN who knows his true worth like the main character in THE JOURNEY OF AWELEWA.
When we get to THE END OF THE BEGINNING, and the master asks HOW ARE YOU? This way, you’ll get to give him the response he expects. You have lived to his expectation.
Welcome once again to grenepages. You’ll have a good time in here.

Tobi Olowookere


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