16th Word

There are friends we keep tabs with on a daily basis. We must get worried or look for them if they don’t show up for just one day. For some, it’s a weekly thing. For some, one call will be sufficient in a whole year.

Guess what? It takes nothing away from your friendship.

Our fellowship with God is not exactly so. The quality of a Christian life directly depends on the man’s relationship with Him. He is not to be called once a day, weekly or yearly.

Many men want to be “this and that” for God, but how much can He trust you with, really? You go on and off, over and over.

This time at grenepages, let’s call your attention to a quality consistent fellowship with God.

Beyond the words on these pages, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you on what he expects from you particularly.

Welcome again, how have you been?
Tobi Olowookere


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