Introduction To The Idea


Introduction To The Idea

In expanding his kingdom, God is dynamic and works through humans in diverse ways through all generations.

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1grid1: The Idea

Some ideas are related to your life assignment while others are not. The idea is the set of ideas that form your life assignment. God-inspired ideas are actually breakdowns of your life assignment.

1grid2: The Idea Owner And The Idea Manager

God inspire us with ideas, which are related with his purpose and intent on earth from time to time. God gives you ideas that are parts of his bigger idea to manage.

1grid3: Concepts Of The Idea 1

When we pray and meditate, ideas and fresh thoughts flood our mind. We see possibilities in previously perceived impossibilities and God’s work in your hand keeps unfolding with your thoughts forming the new lower limit.

1grid4: Concepts Of The Idea 2

Everything that lasts emerges through a process of time. You must also have an understanding of when to set out; a wrong timing might not bring the optimal output.

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