Idea Jurisdiction


Idea Jurisdiction

The details of every idea must be well spelt out at the beginning and from time to time as the vision grows.

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4grid1: Assignment Jurisdiction

Every idea should have well defined boundaries. These boundaries keep you in check from time to time. Someone’s idea would be a foundation for another person’s idea.

4grid2: Operation Jurisdiction

Just as the ‘what’ of your idea is important, the ‘how’ is also very important. A wrong ‘how’ can corrupt the right ‘what’.

4grid3: People Jurisdiction

Yes, some people can be reached outside your target group but your effectiveness will be measured relative to the people you are sent.

4grid4: Geographic Jurisdiction

An environment might be suitable for the idea, which might not be suitable for the idealist and vice-versa. This may lead to frictions between the idealist and the idea.

4grid5: Globalization And Jurisdiction

The fact that globalization avail you of so many fields that seems ‘right’ for your idea increase the possibility of laboring in the wrong field.

4grid6: Jurisdiction Identification

We have a heavenly Father who is ready to give you instruction about your jurisdiction. If you are observant enough in studying the tides, you could sense a suggestion of your jurisdiction.

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