From Idea To A Movement


From Idea To A Movement

Ideas have the potential to grow beyond the originator to become independent of his/her direct involvement.

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5grid1: Content

You need to be careful to build around the vision. Build around the content and not yourself.

5grid2: Prayer

Beyond what you can communicate in the physical, your spirit does more to their spirit because your vision is actually domiciled in your spirit.

5grid3: Relationships

Imbibe the vision in people. The vision has to be effectively and efficiently communicated to get people to buy in to the idea, embrace it and run with it as if it is theirs.

5grid4: Involving People

People want to be able to take credit and own their part in the whole vision. Help them to own the vision as they see themselves as stakeholders and not just workers.

5grid5: Continuation

The key in getting and maintaining result is found in continuity. Some practice well but do not continue or continue only for a while.

5grid6: Discontinuation

When the motive of being involved changes, a leader approach to the idea changes and the likelihood of discontinuing the previously threaded path is imminent.

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