Moving Forward With Your Idea


Moving Forward With Your Idea

The idea manager should have healthy attitude in order to make timely progress towards the attainment of the vision.

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6grid1: Not Looking Backward

To look at the rear, you need to turn which demands you stopping or slowing down in your forward movement.

6grid2: Not Looking Sideways

Though it is possible to be educated by taking note of your environment, it could serve as an albatross if not well managed.

6grid3: Not Looking Downward

Looking downwards is counterproductive. When you walk on the streets looking down continuously, chances are high that you will bump into people and objects.

6grid4: Not Looking Upward

The surrounding conditions that might seemingly influence your idea are not static as they vary with time.

6grid5: The Need To Look Forward

There is a wrong and unnecessary demand on the time, health, relationship of your team members when involved in things outside the vision, which they are recruited for or volunteered for.

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