17th Word

Remember Samuel: the guy whom God called over and over, yet didn’t know who was calling? It was not just that he did not know who was calling; he took him to be someone else. Thank God for Eli’s direction.

Remember the Spirit saying after He had spoken: “he that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying?” It was not a question of “if He would speak,” but if those He had spoken to, would hear.

How long has God been trying to reach you and you have been offline?

When you stay online, God will make you, use you for others and prove his might in your life.

Calling your attention again in this edition of grenepages to some of the issues God wants to discuss with you. Do you have some time? Come online!

This is our 17th issue. Once again, welcome!

Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 17 here

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