Idea Leveraging


Idea Leveraging

In working together, it is expedient to understand the approach of investing in ideas and people towards amplifying the expression of all parties.

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8grid1: The Need For Leveraging

People know they have some strength but cannot interpret in their heart what can be done with such strengths. Leveraging helps people to see how they can use their strengths for the kingdom.

8grid2: Terms And Conditions

The bane of many leveraging arrangement is failure to define the terms. From time to time, changes based on growing such individuals should be well spelt out.

8grid3: Understanding The Capital

Via God’s dealings, some people would seek out or locate an individual, group or/and idea where they can join and offer themselves for service.

8grid4; Accommodate Their Style

Strengths are attached to persons. The strength and idea to be leveraged is packaged inside a person, the personality of which will color the strength and idea to be tapped.

8grid5: Faithful Dealings

Both parties must remain focused on what they are in and refuse to be distracted. Even in the discovery of new benefits of such relationships, the leveraging part should not be discarded.

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