Hatching Ideas


Hatching Ideas

The dynamics involved in forming new ideas and the making of (new) idea managers from the perspective of the guide and advisor.

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Course Content

9grid1: Sit: Take Position

In helping people, most especially your staff leveraging with you and yours to hatch their ideas, you need to take your position with respect to their lives and ideas.

9grid2: Hatch After Your Kind

In one way or another, you and your idea will be reproduced in the ideas and the idea managers that are hatched through you.

9grid3: Create The Environment

You need to make the environment fit for each prospective idea for proper hatching. The suitable environment being created would have you as the thermostat.

9grid4: Duration

Idea hatching in the real sense could not be time framed. In incubating and leveraging, there is no need for comparison, as the time measuring mechanism is whenever the hatching is done.

9grid5: Sit With Patience

It is true that some might take longer than you expect or planned for, nevertheless, you need to play your role with patience.

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