The Idea Manager


The Idea Manager

The person with the idea is central to every idea hence his/her orientation, training and exposure would influence the expression of the idea.

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10grid1: The Mode

We are part of a kingdom. The idea given to us by God are from God and for God. Empire building is making yourself the king of your part. Kingdom building is doing your part for the king.

10grid2: The Manner

When my idea intersect with you or/and yours, it is not about making a name with you as a capital but simply playing my part to enhance the domain of our king.

10grid3: The Motivation

Although, fame, money, material gains and the likes might come with time, never make them your pursuit and motivation. Let faithfulness to the owner of the idea drive you and not profit.

10grid4: The Means: Career

The idea manager permitted to grow a career by God should understand that he/she is not working for the money. The career is just a tool in realizing the idea.

10grid5: The Means: Career Choice

Some choose or are in a career because of their family, gifts, opportunities, rewards and the likes. So many are in career paths they do not necessarily like but has the benefit of meeting their needs.

10grid6: The Means: Funding

Deviating in the fund raising for the idea changes the idea as the funding is part of the idea. In getting round the issue of funding, always remember God’s idea is funded by your obedience to the owner.

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