18th Word

I am right here on earth, but I can feel heaven’s presence. I can be here, right here on earth but I live like a king, a son of the Most High.

Yes, the world may be full of corruption, but I have been re-born to live a life of RIGHTEOUSNESS; a life of GLORY. There are outbreaks of diseases here and there, but I AM HEALED. I live above diseases and sicknesses.

Nothing compares to this way of life. I will PAY THE PRICE,  look beyond THE ROAD, to lay hold of MY GOLD, which is laid up for me, not just when I get there, but here right now, as laid up by my father.

In this edition of grenepages, we testify of THE JOY OF SEPARATION as we experience HEAVEN OF EARTH.

Come join us…

Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 18 here

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