20th Word

“They said a child acts foolishly, his mother says it doesn’t matter as long as he is alive. What kills faster than foolishness?”

Let me tell you a short story. My close friend who topped our class all through senior secondary school was a Muslim. While we shared the awards almost evenly, he comes out overall best, always. I felt insulted. How can I be in a class, and a Muslim will be the overall best. I spied on him and discovered his secrets. At least I thought I did. He writes a few Arabic words on the first page of all his scripts.

So I decided to write IJN, an acronym I chose for In Jesus Name on all my scripts. Nothing beats the name of Jesus, I said to myself. That year, not only did Tope come out as overall best again, he beat me to awards that I used to collect and added that to his collection.

Tope knew how to answer questions better. He was obviously smarter. He studied more than I did. He was more detailed than I was. In almost everything as a student, he put in more efforts than the rest of us. I hoped to be better just because I wrote IJN on my scripts. I was wrong.

Wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom. In all thy getting, get understanding.

In this our 20th issue, let’s take a look at how we can fit into God’s plans wisely. We can’t be foolish.

Welcome again. This isĀ grenepages!


Tobi Olowookere


Read issue 20 here

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