Idea Adversaries


Idea Adversaries

A look at things that limits, slows and stops true expression of ideas in the heart of the manager and during operations.

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13grid1: Comprehension Issues

Though some abilities, circumstances and opportunities have ready-made interpretations, God might have other interpretations in mind. While non-awareness denies the possibility of expression, partial awareness limits such ideas.

13grid2: Incapacitation

Every idea requires certain information, skills, spiritual depth, finance, materials, time, goodwill and people. Being handicapped in any of these might lead to compromising the idea details and limit expressions.

13grid3: Life Concerns

Relationship with others confers roles on us with attendant brief, duty and obligation, which place demands on our thoughts, actions and time. These demands must be well managed else, the idea is choked.

13grid4: Luring Wealth

One could be involved in the idea for the benefit attached. Some of these opportunities come outside the boundaries of our ideas leading to compromises, which might harm the idea.

13grid5: Pseudo Visions

Based on the success of some ideas, many proceed to duplicate them. There is also the temptation to do things that seems to be more promising. These pursuits make people drop their God given customize ideas.

13grid6: Impatience

Every idea has and undergoes different stages with different timing. Being concerned about oneself rather than the idea owner and the intended impact makes one to be impatient, leading to cutting corners.

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