The Christian Writer Is A Minister

This study helps you to see writing as a ministry, which requires the same commitment, consecration and devotion as the more common ones such as the pulpit ministry.

  • A minister is a servant
  • A minister is sent
  • A minister is dependent on the Master
  • A minister is a representative
  • A minister addresses and meets the needs of his audience

See why The Christian Writer Is A Minister

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From Idea To A Movement


From Idea To A Movement

Ideas have the potential to grow beyond the originator to become independent of his/her direct involvement.

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Course Content

5grid1: Content

You need to be careful to build around the vision. Build around the content and not yourself.

5grid2: Prayer

Beyond what you can communicate in the physical, your spirit does more to their spirit because your vision is actually domiciled in your spirit.

5grid3: Relationships

Imbibe the vision in people. The vision has to be effectively and efficiently communicated to get people to buy in to the idea, embrace it and run with it as if it is theirs.

5grid4: Involving People

People want to be able to take credit and own their part in the whole vision. Help them to own the vision as they see themselves as stakeholders and not just workers.

5grid5: Continuation

The key in getting and maintaining result is found in continuity. Some practice well but do not continue or continue only for a while.

5grid6: Discontinuation

When the motive of being involved changes, a leader approach to the idea changes and the likelihood of discontinuing the previously threaded path is imminent.

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Idea Jurisdiction


Idea Jurisdiction

The details of every idea must be well spelt out at the beginning and from time to time as the vision grows.

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4grid1: Assignment Jurisdiction

Every idea should have well defined boundaries. These boundaries keep you in check from time to time. Someone’s idea would be a foundation for another person’s idea.

4grid2: Operation Jurisdiction

Just as the ‘what’ of your idea is important, the ‘how’ is also very important. A wrong ‘how’ can corrupt the right ‘what’.

4grid3: People Jurisdiction

Yes, some people can be reached outside your target group but your effectiveness will be measured relative to the people you are sent.

4grid4: Geographic Jurisdiction

An environment might be suitable for the idea, which might not be suitable for the idealist and vice-versa. This may lead to frictions between the idealist and the idea.

4grid5: Globalization And Jurisdiction

The fact that globalization avail you of so many fields that seems ‘right’ for your idea increase the possibility of laboring in the wrong field.

4grid6: Jurisdiction Identification

We have a heavenly Father who is ready to give you instruction about your jurisdiction. If you are observant enough in studying the tides, you could sense a suggestion of your jurisdiction.

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Ideas And Change


Ideas And Change

Towards the expression of ideas, some transformations are needed and there would be attempts to force some changes on the idea.

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Course Content

3grid1: Causes Of Change

A change of people working with your idea would influence your idea. Since every idea is meant to serve some people, a change in their attitudes towards you or/and your idea will influence the idea.

3grid2: Nature Of Change

Consciously initiated changes are premeditated actions to generate a desired result. The unconsciously initiated changes are not planned for but results from actions and inactions within the system.

3grid3: Effect Of Change

Changes do affect the idea in the short-term and in the long-term. Some long-term effects of changes correspond with the effect noticed in the short term.

3grid4: Responding To Change

When changes occur to and in an idea, the response of the people working with the idea, especially the idea manager would influence how and to what extent the idea is affected.

3grid5: Staying Focused In Change

The idea manger need to remain connected to the idea owner in the midst of change. Even without any imminent change, people who are disconnected from the idea owner would eventually lose their focus.

3grid6: Prepared For Change

Preparation helps you to manage changes better. This will also afford you the opportunity to put in place (change) palliatives ahead of the full implementation of such changes.

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Administering Your Idea


Administering Your Idea

The idea would not be expressed by itself but people and methods must be put in place to manage its affairs.

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Course Content

2grid1: Delegation

Effective delegation requires you to identify the strength and weakness of team members. Then, you allow them to take over gradually the part of the idea their strength can carry.

2grid2: Process And Automation

Improvement of and in any idea requires understanding better the dynamics of the parts and causing the parts to be better.

2grid3: Reporting And Accountability

In each stage of reporting, the submitted report should be crosschecked with the stated goals. it is advisable to have a body or person to whom the management reports to outside the organization.

2grid4: Vision Communication

You can only communicate your vision to the level you understand it. A proper understanding of the idea is important.

2grid5: Vision Transfer

When people are continuously instructed and corrected with respect to their contribution to the vision in line with the vision, the vision would soon become part of them.

2grid6: The Gifts Of Men

Understand and acknowledge that those around you and the idea are gifts to you. In them lies great wealth of things you need to run the idea.

2grid7: Relationships

There is the need to give attention to new people without the old people feeling abandoned and give attention to old people without the new people feeling unwelcomed.

2grid8: Activity Vs. Productivity

Activities should not overweigh productivity. Activities overweighing productivity could be a sign of poor planning or non-strategic planning.

2grid9: Idea And Resources

If all that is needed for the idea or/and idea manger are not readily available when needed, the idea would drag.

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Introduction To The Idea


Introduction To The Idea

In expanding his kingdom, God is dynamic and works through humans in diverse ways through all generations.

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Course Content

1grid1: The Idea

Some ideas are related to your life assignment while others are not. The idea is the set of ideas that form your life assignment. God-inspired ideas are actually breakdowns of your life assignment.

1grid2: The Idea Owner And The Idea Manager

God inspire us with ideas, which are related with his purpose and intent on earth from time to time. God gives you ideas that are parts of his bigger idea to manage.

1grid3: Concepts Of The Idea 1

When we pray and meditate, ideas and fresh thoughts flood our mind. We see possibilities in previously perceived impossibilities and God’s work in your hand keeps unfolding with your thoughts forming the new lower limit.

1grid4: Concepts Of The Idea 2

Everything that lasts emerges through a process of time. You must also have an understanding of when to set out; a wrong timing might not bring the optimal output.

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Courses Available for greneidea

The following courses are available

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Welcome to greneidea

An incubation service that help believers express their ministries with emphasis on pouring out the measure of Christ in them through their God-given and God-driven ideas


This service is available via

  • sheduled one on one sessions at specified locations
  • scheduled group sessions at specified locations
  • online classes

Find out more now 


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Timeliness In Writing

This study takes a look at the need, gains and means of meeting up with editorial and submission deadlines.

  • Burden builds or dissipate with time
  • Your time management is not peculiar to writing
  • Timeliness presents you as reliable to

Improve on your Timeliness In Writing

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Handling Writer’s Block

In this study you will understand the causes, prevention (if possible) and practical way out of writers block experiences.

  • A writer’s block is an experience characterized by an inability to write as you can/should normally do, because the words are not just coming
  • Under-utilization of one’s gift can make its use difficult or impossible as gifts are fanned by usage
  • Over-utilization of one’s gift can lead to its exploitation to the point of diminishing returns
  • Staleness, lack of vitality, energy and originality can hamper Christian writing

Learn the how of Handling Writer’s Block

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